The business ethics involved in portraying the financial findings of your business are equally important as the accuracy of your plan.

Investors not only invest in the business, they are also investing in management teams!

In one word, integrity is what you are presenting when you deliver a financial proforma model. Our experience says that you will be spending some 100-400 hours or more based on the business proforma you are developing. No one will have invested more time and research than you. 

The consumers of your product will rely upon your investigation, but the more financing you are seeking, generally the more the sophisticated the investor class you will be submitting for review.

Consequently, your proforma model will be scrutinized on every aspect. They will compare your model to other companies in your field, meet with you and your management team, review the business plan, and, if in the end all goes well, will provide you with a term sheet.  From that term sheet, you will either negotiate an agreeable position for capital or not.

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