As you start the process of working with Intercept, please gather all of the information that you have collected regarding your business concept.

Organization is critical in making the most of compiling your business plan and financial modeling.

For most, this will be an iterative process.  You will be able to add a fair amount of content, with some of the sections requiring a little more work and research before you can complete them. 

You should set your expectations that a good plan will take some time to complete.  Some of the inputs will take some thought as you work on your business.  Remember to check with others from time-to-time to get some critique.  As a result, your plan won't be just your own, if you are doing it right. The writing and numbers you generate will be from the many touch points of observation from your friends and colleagues.

Lastly, have fun working on your business - isn't that why you are starting it?

Wishing you the best - the Team from Deziner Software!

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