Full Blown Business Plan

There are a variety of ways to construct a business plan.  Here are our tips for you to build out yours.

Most will contain two important statements: Confidential Information and a Disclosure Statement Regarding Forward Looking Information.  We strongly recommend that if you are going to be selling securities, you find and meet with a Securities Attorney before doing so. 

Here are the basic sections we recommend for you to include in your Business Plan:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Background
  3. Launch or Operational Strategy
  4. Management's Plan of Operation
  5. Support Systems
  6. Market Research & Outlook
  7. Marketing, Sales & Promotion
  8. Environmental Factors
  9. Ancillary Revenue Streams
  10. Competition
  11. Management Team
  12. Financial Information (Income, Cash Flow & Balance Sheet)
  13. Exhibits



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