Lean Business Plan - The Next Layer of the Onion

If you get some interest from an individual or an interested investment group following their receipt of your Executive Summary, you should write up your Lean Business Plan this is approximately a 10-page that will describe your business in greater detail.  We suggest you have this "ready to go."

This is a more detailed write-up of your company and should contain more information regarding why your deal for them should receive further scrutiny with the goal of securing a phone call or perhaps a face-to-face meeting.

From an investor viewpoint, here are some of the more important elements:

  1. The Management Team
  2. How protected are your goods/services via Patent Protection, Trade Secret, etc.
  3. How soon will you be able to generate revenues if you are a start-up?
  4. What is your Exit Plan for the company?  Remember, in general investors want to put their money in and at some future point get their original investment(s) with a multiple back. 

So, with that in mind, your Lean Business Plan needs to address these points and have some financial information to show them how you plan to accomplish these business objectives.

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